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Country Presentation

Short time, many countries, big interest? Let's read about Country presentation!


What if I told you that you could get a lot of information about quite a lot of countries in such a short time? Would you believe me? If not, you would make a big mistake, because there is one awesome event called Country presentaion held in our university. This event connects different countries and destroys  huge gapes of our illiteracy. If you have never heard of this great event, it’s a pity. Ask somebody. I can give you a tip.


There is a special project called Erasmus+. So ask erasmus students for instance. They are participants of this, let´s say, „contest“ and they will tell you a lot and be surely happy to see you at the next Country Presentation.

I am not a mean person, so I can tell you something about it as well. It is an event where Erasmus students present their home countries.  They talk about their culture, art, music , food etc. So if you want to go on vacation and you don’t know where yet, maybe it will help you to decide.


I must say that I loved Country presentation of this semester. It was super awesome and I will tell you  reasons why.

At first, when I came into the room I saw such a lot of foreigners. I love them, just because everybody is different. Appearence, speaking, habbits. It’s just impressive. Then I turned by my head and saw 4 countries prepared for presentations. The stars of this event – Italy, Germany, Mexico and Jordan. And I can tell you that it was „something“ with big S. Do you want to know more? So come on!

As the first Italians came. Ladies and gentleman , we have probably never laughted so much as then. It was epic! So much humor. On the other hand, a lot of education as well. They teached us to understand thier Italian gestures. Do you think you already know what italian gestures mean? No, you do not, trust me.

After Italians Germans came and I was honestly shocked. It was fun! They really made fun! And moreover, they made fun of themselves!! Don’t you believe? I didn’t believe it either. So new information – German people have a good sence of humor. And dear reader, if you are German, don’t take it too seriously. I know  you are awesome people.

Lovely Mexican girls presented as a third. Showed us their natures. What a scenaries and so much emotions. There was a tear too because of missing their home. They just must have beautiful heart.

And last but not least, Jordan boys. They took it as real men. They came in thoub, which is typical clouthes for Jordan men. Everyone was impressed. I was impressed! What an effort.  To be honest, I didn‘t have plenty of information about Jordan, I’m sorry for that. But I was even more happy that it has changed after their presentation.

The audience just clapped all the time, tasted national ciusine of our contestants and chose the winner. And surprise surprise, the winner was Italy. Congratulations guys!

So to sum up, if you were there, you are the lucky one. Everybody learned a lot, laughed a lot, ate a lot and enjoyed it a lot. And if you were not there, see you next semester. 😉


Barney, ESN MENDELU member